What we Offer

What we offer

Care-Giver Initiative focuses on persons with autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, Down syndrome, hearing impairment, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), visual and physical impairment, cerebral palsy and more.

Given that these persons face difficulty in hearing, listening, thinking, speaking, spelling or doing mathematical calculations, we provide them conducive environment for learning by:

  • Building and maintaining organized classroom units as such limiting distractions.
  • Using music and voice inflection, Sign language for hearing impaired ones as well as providing hearing aids.
  • Breaking down instructions into smaller, manageable tasks especially as it concerns Vocational Training.
  • Using multi-sensory strategies.
  • Giving students with special needs opportunities for success.

In times of crises or disasters, Care-Giver Initiative travels to affected areas to provide relief support for these persons.

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